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TNT Kennel

TNT Kennels breeding’s selection is based on best bloodline imported in Europe, our target is directly descendants of Japanese yokozunas and World / European Winners, healthy dogs and typical Tosa Inu. Also important in our selection is the Japanese criteria, stipulated of course by the FCI Standard.

Was necessary a long time of study about Tosa Inu: standard, typicality, health, care, genealogical trees of the best Tosa. The study, the passion and the life dedicated to Tosa Inu breed made our offspring’s increasingly better. All begun in 2002 when I owned my first Tosa female Tara; she was just for family, haven’t any litter.

…come’s from Tosa NoryTessa.

Tosa which is obvious the breed, Nory is my mother’s nickname (as founder) and not last since 2009 when I had my first reproductive dog, a female with very hard sense, kind ofour Evacalled Tessa.

On my vision, a Tosa dog is a strong and skillful molosser, an gentle giant, good guard dog for his perimeter and for his family.

A Tosa Inu puppy need a properly education and will be a docile family member, affectionate with the children.This fact represents a contradiction with the danger degree of the dogs belonging to the FCI Second Group.

I think that a Tosa dog can fulfill multiple tasks, borrowing many good characteristics from each breed by Tosa origin: The Shikoku Dog, The English Bulldog, The Bull terrier, The English Mastiff, The Great DaneSaint Bernard, The English Pointer .

By 2002, from first Tosa I owned, I was in love with this breed, how affectionate they can be with family, children, old people, etc. My first Tosa already was my therapy, with her strong & balanced character.
During today me and my family have totally dedicated to this breed of dogs.

You’ll never know what really Tosa is, if you don’t own a Tosa Dog!
Aurel Perta



Sir Thor Toshi’s Taar Heel       :import Nederland (Megasthenes Kennel) – import USAThor

Thor The Black Tosa


dear son TNT Dakedo Buda 2nd

Buda 2nd 1 year old

Buda2ndPhotopedMEGASTHENES KASHURA SOLAR STORM       :import Nederland 

Billy- Kashura Solar Storm Maegasthenes


Tenshi ~ Tosaworld Aguri        :import Hungary

Tenshi Aguri Tosaworld


Daizu Beikubara & Birengo        :import  Czech Republic

Daizu ~ Beikubara

Daizu Photo Ped

Taka ~ Wakiko Od Janusow                                 :import  Poland

Taka ~ Wakiko Od Janusow

Taka Photo Ped